Sunfun will take you to see and experience our beautiful archipelago

The Baltic Sea shows a free horizon off Hanko, and the archipelago presents many interesting places to visit.

During the seal-safari you can – additionally to the seals – admire sea-eagles and the unique nature of this archipelago.
Experience the dramatic history of the islands as the rock-carvings at the Pike’s gut, many of them hundreds of years old, or the exciting atmosphere of the lighthouse on Bengtskär.

Sunfun takes you for a boating excursion from the East Harbour of Hanko. Book your unforgettable trip with us!

Our boat – Kulkuri 34

Our Kulkuri 34 takes just over 20 passengers for a comfortable tour in the outer archipelago.

The hull of Kulkuri is designed to get along well even in a rough sea. The boat is roofed, but has a free view. The laminate work is handmade for the most strong construction. Due to the strong construction this boat type is used as taxi- and archipelago ferry in Finland as well as in Sweden. In Estonia there are Kulkuri-boats in authority use. Archipelago excursions – e.g. to Bengtskär – are safely and easily carried out with our Kulkuri 34.


Bengtskär is by far our most popular destination

At the mouth of the Gulf of Finland, 25 kilometers south-west of Hanko, the highest light-house of the Nordic countries towers 52 meters above the sea. The light-house is located in the northern part of the Baltic Sea, upon the outermost rock in the Archipelago Sea. The rock belongs to the archipelago of Turku and is the southernmost inhabited place in Finland. The closest archipelago-village Rosala is located 18 kilometers north of Bengtskär. In Rosala you can visit the Viking Village and have a Viking-lunch.
The Bengtskär light-house is the most magnificent and imposing place worth seeing. The stone walls have seen many dramatic periods of our history. At the end of July 1941 – when Hanko was occupied by the Russians – two Russian patrol boats landed armed forces on Bengtskär. After a hard and bloody fight the Finns beat the Russian intruders. For a century the light-house has shown thousands of sea-farers the fairway. A great number of sea-wrecks have occurred in the dangerous waters around Bengtskär. The drawings of the mightiest light-house in the Baltic Sea, designed by architect Florentin Granholm, could already be seen at the world exhibition in Paris in 1900, but not until the loss of steam-ship Helsinki in January 1905, the Imperial Senate granted means for the building.
Nowadays you can walk on the rocks, have coffee or food in the lighthouse and you can even stay overnight. The lighthouse is also popular as a wedding-place.

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Högsåra and Farmor’s Café

Högsåra close to Jungfrusund, the gateway to the archipelago, the land of the sandy heaths and pine trees, has been marked on our maps for centuries. Even the Vikings passed by, and during the centuries Swedish kings, Russian tsars, Finnish presidents, wellknown artists, writers and photographers have visited the unique island with the interesting history and safe anchoring places.
Even in the 16th century local men acted as pilots for the Swedish navy in the shallow and rocky waters and the frontline between the Swedish and Russian fleets during the war 1808-1809 was located around Högsåra, too.
Farmor’s Café is situated about a 10 minutes’ walk from the guest harbour. In the café is served lunch, archipelago buffet and a famous cake-selection.

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Kasnäs spa and restaurant

Kasnäs restaurant, with an open-air terrace, offers you delicious food, a famous fish-buffé and a wonderful sea-view. In the area you also find present-shops, tennis and miniature golf, and a short walk ahead you will find the Archipelago Nature Centre Blue Mussel.
Kasnäs Spa offers you inter alia saunas and relaxing massage, and accommodation in well-equipped small leisure cottages.

Charter voyages available, contackt [email protected] or call +358(0)400 440 802